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bondswoman1 a woman who provides bail or surety for another.
bondswoman2 variant of bondwoman.
bondwoman a female bond servant.
bone the hard, calcified connective tissue that forms the skeleton of most vertebrates. [5 definitions]
boneblack the carbonized residue of heat-treated bones, used as a blacking pigment or decoloring agent.
bone china a fine type of white porcelain produced by mixing bone ash or calcium phosphate with the clay.
bone-dry (informal) dry as a bone after prolonged exposure to sun and wind; very dry or thirsty.
bonefish any of several silvery marine fishes, esp. a bottom-feeder living in shallow tropical waters, having a skeleton composed of many small bones.
boneless of meat or fish, with bones removed.
bone marrow the the soft fatty tissue at the core of most bones, where many types of blood cells form and mature before entering the blood stream.
bone meal bones that have been coarsely ground, used as fertilizer and animal feed.
bone of contention an issue or matter that causes or is the focus of disagreement.
boner a stupid or foolish error; blunder.
boneset any of various plants of eastern North America that bear broad, flat clusters of small white flowers, used in folk medicine for their supposed healing qualities; thoroughwort.
bone white a yellowish or grayish white color.
bonfire a large, outdoor fire, often made for entertainment or warmth.
bong1 the sound made by a large bell or gong. [2 definitions]
bong2 a water pipe used for smoking marijuana or other narcotics.
bongo1 an African antelope that is reddish brown with white stripes and has spiral-shaped horns.
bongo2 one of a set of two small, connected drums, usu. tuned to different pitches, and played with the fingers.
bonhomie genial disposition or attitude; affability.