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booking an engagement for the performance of a musician or other entertainer. [2 definitions]
bookish inclined to reading or study (often used disparagingly). [3 definitions]
bookkeeper a person who systematically records business and financial transactions.
bookkeeping the practice or occupation of systematically recording business transactions.
book learning knowledge acquired from books or in school rather than through practical experience. [2 definitions]
booklet a small book, usu. with paper covers; pamphlet.
bookmaker one involved in the making of books. [2 definitions]
bookmark a strip of leather, fabric, or paper placed between pages to mark a place in a book. [2 definitions]
bookmobile a mobile lending library, housed in a bus, van, or the like.
Book of Changes see I Ching.
Book of Common Prayer the official book of services and prayers in the Anglican Church.
bookplate a label indicating ownership that is pasted on the front end paper of a book.
book review a critical review of a book. [2 definitions]
bookseller one who sells books as an occupation, esp. the owner of a bookstore.
bookshelf a shelf, alone or as part of a set, for books.
bookstall a stall or stand at which books are sold, esp. secondhand.
bookstand a stand on which a book can be propped open at reading height. [2 definitions]
bookstore a store in which books are the primary items for sale.
book value the value of a business, asset, share of stock, or the like, as shown in the financial accounting records. (Cf. market value.)
bookworm a person much devoted to books and study. [2 definitions]
boom1 to make a prolonged, deep, resounding noise. [7 definitions]