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boob1 (slang) a stupid, foolish person.
boob2 (vulgar slang) a female breast.
booby a dull or foolish person; dolt. [3 definitions]
booby prize an amusing prize given to ridicule one who performs worst in a contest or competition.
booby trap a bomb or other explosive device that is well-hidden and wired to explode upon being touched or triggered by an unsuspecting person. [2 definitions]
boogaloo a popular dance done to soul and rock 'n' roll music in the 1960s.
boogeyman an imaginary, frightening man that supposedly carries away disobedient children.
boogie strongly rhythmic rock-'n'-roll with a fast tempo, often in a blues form. [3 definitions]
boogie-woogie strongly rhythmic piano jazz in which the melody is accompanied throughout by a repeated bass pattern that uses chiefly eighth notes.
boohoo (informal) to weep loudly. [2 definitions]
book a collection of bound paper sheets, usu. containing written or printed words. [13 definitions]
bookable combined form of book.
bookbinder a person or business that binds books.
bookbinding the process, art, or practice of binding books.
bookcase a set of enclosed shelves for books.
book club a commercial enterprise that sells or lends books to subscribers, usu. at a discount in exchange for a specified minimum purchase.
bookend a support, often ornamental and in a pair, used to prop up the end of a row of books.
bookie (informal) one whose business is taking wagers on sporting events, esp. horse racing.
booking an engagement for the performance of a musician or other entertainer. [2 definitions]
bookish inclined to reading or study (often used disparagingly). [3 definitions]
bookkeeper a person who systematically records business and financial transactions.