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bosun a variant of boatswain.
bot the botfly larva.
botanical of, pertaining to, composed of, or containing plants. [3 definitions]
botanical garden a garden in which many species of plants, esp. exotic or rare specimens, are displayed for enjoyment and scientific study.
botanist one who is trained or expert in botany.
botanize to study plants. [3 definitions]
botany the branch of biological science that deals with the classification and study of plants. [4 definitions]
botch to spoil or ruin as a result of clumsy work or poor repairs; bungle. [3 definitions]
botfly any of several flies whose larvae are parasitic in animals and humans.
both the two together; one and the other. [3 definitions]
bother to annoy or irritate, usu. with something minor. [7 definitions]
botheration used to express annoyance. [3 definitions]
bothersome causing trouble; annoying.
bo tree the sacred fig tree under which the Buddha is believed to have received enlightenment.
Botswana an African country bordered by Namibia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.
bott variant of bot.
bottle a container, usu. made of glass and having a slender neck, used mainly for storing or serving liquids. [4 definitions]
bottleneck any narrow entrance or passageway. [4 definitions]
bottlenose any of various marine mammals with a bottle-shaped nose, esp. dolphins.
bottletree any of various trees native to Australia that have a swollen, bottle-shaped trunk.
bottle up to restrain or suppress. [2 definitions]