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bow2 a weapon, used for shooting arrows, made of a curved strip of wood or other material with a cord stretched taut between the two ends. [7 definitions]
bow3 the front part of a ship or boat. [3 definitions]
bow and arrow weaponry consisting of a bow or bows and the arrows that are propelled from them.
bow and scrape to behave with excessive politeness and deference.
bowdlerize to omit or modify parts of (a book, play, or the like) that are considered immoral or indecent.
bowel (usu. pl.) the part of the digestive organs below the stomach; intestine. [2 definitions]
bowelless combined form of bowel.
bowel movement the evacuation of waste matter from the bowels. [2 definitions]
bower1 a pleasant, secluded alcove or shelter created by leafy trees or shrubbery. [2 definitions]
bower2 a heavy anchor, situated at the bow of a ship.
bowery a Dutch settler's farm or country residence in early New York. [2 definitions]
bowfin a primitive, carnivorous freshwater fish found in eastern North America that has a rounded tail and a long fin on its back.
bowie knife a hunting knife about fifteen inches long that has a single-edged, pointed blade and a crosspiece and is usu. sheathed.
bowknot a decorative knot with large loops that is often used in ribbons, shoelaces, string, or the like; bow.
bowl1 a deep, rounded dish used mostly for containing food, liquids, or the like. [6 definitions]
bowl2 a large wooden ball shaped or weighted so as to roll in a curved path, used in lawn bowling. [8 definitions]
bowleg an outward curving of the leg, most pronounced at the knee area, or a leg having such a curvature.
bow-legged having legs that curve outward around or below the knees.
bowler1 one who bowls.
bowler2 a derby hat.
bowline a knot that will not slip or jam, used for making a loop at the end of a rope. [2 definitions]