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brachio- arm.
brachiopod any of various marine invertebrates with hinged upper and lower shells and an armlike part with tentacles on either side of the mouth.
brachium the part of the arm that reaches from the shoulder to the elbow, or a similar part of an appendage such as a wing or flipper. [2 definitions]
brachy- short.
brachycephalic having a short, nearly round head, which is eighty percent or more as wide as it is long. (Cf. dolichocephalic.)
bracing invigorating; energizing; stimulating. [3 definitions]
bracken a large, coarse fern. [2 definitions]
bracket an L-shaped fixture attached to a wall or other vertical surface to support something such as a shelf. [7 definitions]
bracket creep (informal) an increase in income leading to one's placement in a higher tax bracket, sometimes resulting in a net decrease in income as a result of higher tax rates and inflation.
brackish somewhat salty; briny. [2 definitions]
bract a leaflike part usu. located below a flower or flower cluster.
bractlet a small or secondary bract on a flower's stem.
brad a thin nail with either a small head or a slight projection on the side. [2 definitions]
bradycardia abnormally slow heart rate.
brag to speak with excessive pride in oneself, or anything or anyone associated with oneself; boast. [5 definitions]
braggadocio empty or exaggerated boasting. [3 definitions]
braggart one who boasts a lot. [2 definitions]
Brahma according to Hinduism, the impersonal, supreme, and eternal essence of the universe, from which all life originates. [2 definitions]
Brahman among Hindus, a member of the highest, or priestly, caste; Brahmin. [2 definitions]
Brahmana one of a collection of Hindu writings dealing with Vedic rituals and sacrifices.
Brahmanism the religious doctrines and beliefs and the social caste system of the Brahmans.