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Brahminism the attitude or behavior characteristic of Brahmins. [2 definitions]
braid to weave together three or more strands or strips of (hair, cloth, or the like), forming one narrow, ropelike length; plait. [5 definitions]
Braille (often l.c.) a writing and printing system for blind persons, in which raised dots are grouped into different patterns to represent characters, which are read by touch. [2 definitions]
brain the organ of the central nervous system contained within the skull, which thinks, interprets sensations, and coordinates motion and other activity in the rest of the body. [5 definitions]
braincase see "brainpan."
brain cell a cell in the brain, esp. a neuron.
brainchild someone's original idea, plan, or invention.
brain damage damage to the brain that impairs function.
brain-damaged having or pertaining to brain damage.
brain-dead characterized by brain death. [2 definitions]
brain drain (informal) the loss of professional or intellectual persons from one country or company to another that offers better pay, opportunities, or advantages.
brain imaging the branch of medicine that deals with producing images of the brain and nervous system; neuroimaging. [2 definitions]
brainless without intelligence; stupid.
brainpan the part of the skull that holds the brain; cranium; braincase.
brainpower mental or intellectual ability, or the people that have it.
brain stem the lower portions of the brain that connect the brain to the spinal cord.
brainstorm to engage in a method of problem-solving or idea-gathering in which members of a group freely and spontaneously offer their thoughts and suggestions. [6 definitions]
brainstorming a spontaneous and unrestrained discussion by a group of people for the purpose of generating new ideas or solving problems.
brain trust a group of experts who advise a government's, company's, or other organization's administrators on policy matters.
brainwash to alter a person's ideas or beliefs by forceful means such as physical torture or psychological stress. [4 definitions]
brain wave (usu. pl.) rhythmic electric impulses occurring within the brain. [2 definitions]