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brake band a lined, flexible, usu. steel band around a brake drum, which, when tightened, creates the friction of a braking action.
brakeman a member of a railroad crew whose duties include inspecting the train and assisting the conductor.
brake pedal a device in a vehicle that you push with your foot in order to slow or stop the vehicle.
brake shoe a curved plate of lined metal that creates friction when pressed against a wheel or brake drum, creating a braking action.
braless combined form of bra.
bramble any of various prickly shrubs or bushes, such as the blackberry or raspberry.
bran the husk of wheat and other cereal grains, left after the grain is ground and the flour or meal is sifted out.
branch a woody part that grows out from the main body of a tree or shrub; limb. [6 definitions]
branchia a gill.
branchless combined form of branch.
branch out to expand into new activities, interests, or pursuits.
branch water water in or from a stream, creek, brook, or the like. [2 definitions]
brand a particular make, kind, or variety of product, identified with a certain manufacturer by a specific name or mark. [8 definitions]
branding iron a long-handled metal implement, usu. with a stamp or symbol at the end, that is heated and pressed against a surface, esp. the skin of a cow, to make a burn of a particular shape for identification.
brandish to wave or shake (something such as a weapon) in a threatening or agitated manner. [3 definitions]
brand name the name by which a particular brand of a product is popularly known or advertised; trade name.
brand-new in an unused, fresh condition; completely new. [2 definitions]
brandy a strong alcoholic beverage made by distilling fermented fruit juice or wine. [2 definitions]
brant any of several small dark-colored European or North American geese that breed in arctic regions and migrate south in the fall.
brash rudely self-assertive; bold; impudent. [2 definitions]
brasier variant of brazier1.