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bravery the quality or condition of being brave; fearlessness; courage. [2 definitions]
bravo good! well done! (used to express approval). [4 definitions]
bravura a musical piece or passage requiring great spirit or expertise of the performer. [2 definitions]
brawl a noisy fight or argument. [3 definitions]
brawn large, solid muscles. [2 definitions]
brawny having large strong muscles.
bray1 the cry uttered by a donkey. [5 definitions]
bray2 to pound until fine, in or as if in a mortar.
braze1 to make out of brass. [2 definitions]
braze2 to solder (metal objects) together using a material with a high melting point, such as copper or zinc.
brazen made of or resembling brass. [3 definitions]
brazier1 one who makes brass objects.
brazier2 a metal container designed to hold hot coals or charcoal, and used for heating a room. [2 definitions]
Brazil the largest South American country, on the Atlantic coast; United States of Brazil.
Brazilian of or pertaining to Brazil or its people, culture, language, or the like. [2 definitions]
Brazilian wandering spider any of a family of highly venomous, quick-moving, and aggressive spiders native to the rainforests of Brazil, also known as the banana spider for the frequency with which members of this family are found in bunches of bananas.
Brazil nut a large, oily triangular nut, the seed of a large tropical South American tree, or the tree itself.
Brazzaville the capital of Congo.
breach the act, condition, or result of breaking or rupturing. [7 definitions]
breach of promise in law, a breaking of a promise, esp. a promise to marry a particular person.
bread a food made primarily with flour or meal and baked, usu. in a loaf shape. [4 definitions]