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Brazilian wandering spider any of a family of highly venomous, quick-moving, and aggressive spiders native to the rainforests of Brazil, also known as the banana spider for the frequency with which members of this family are found in bunches of bananas.
Brazil nut a large, oily triangular nut, the seed of a large tropical South American tree, or the tree itself.
Brazzaville the capital of Congo.
breach the act, condition, or result of breaking or rupturing. [7 definitions]
breach of promise in law, a breaking of a promise, esp. a promise to marry a particular person.
bread a food made primarily with flour or meal and baked, usu. in a loaf shape. [4 definitions]
bread and butter (informal) the chief means of supporting oneself.
bread-and-butter providing the basic financial support. [2 definitions]
breadbasket a basket for holding or serving bread. [2 definitions]
breadboard a board on which baked bread is cut or on which bread dough is kneaded. [2 definitions]
breadbox a kitchen container, usu. made of metal with an attached movable lid, used for storing bread.
breadcrumb a very tiny bit of bread. [2 definitions]
breadfruit a large round edible fruit that has a breadlike texture when baked. [2 definitions]
bread line a line in which people stand to receive food from a charity organization or the government during hard times, or the people in such a line.
breadstick a long, crisp, stick-shaped piece of bread.
breadstuff meal, flour, or grain used for making bread. [2 definitions]
breadth distance from side to side measured perpendicularly to length; width. [3 definitions]
breadthwise in the side-to-side direction.
breadwinner a member of a family or household who earns money to support the other members.
break to cause to separate suddenly or forcefully into pieces. [26 definitions]
breakable combined form of break.