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British Commonwealth see "commonwealth."
British East India Company a British company that carried on trade with the East Indies from 1600 to 1874 under the sanction of a royal government charter.
British Empire the collective name for the lands formerly ruled by the British monarch.
Britisher a native of Great Britain, esp. of England, or a descendant thereof; Englishman or Englishwoman.
British Honduras the name of Belize prior to independence in 1981.
British Isles Great Britain, Ireland, and the adjacent smaller islands, collectively.
Britishism Briticism. [2 definitions]
British thermal unit a unit of heat equal to the amount needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit, or equal to about 252 calories. (abbr.: Btu)
British West Indies the Caribbean islands that are members of the Commonwealth, such as Jamaica, the Bahamas, Barbados, and Trinidad and Tobago.
Briton a native or citizen of Great Britain, esp. England, or a descendant thereof; Britisher. [2 definitions]
Brittany the westernmost, coastal region of France, formerly a province.
brittle easily broken, esp. along smooth fracture lines. [4 definitions]
bro (informal) shortened form of "brother," used as an informal term of address for a fellow male who is considered to be close.
broach a tapered tool for making, shaping, or enlarging holes; gimlet. [7 definitions]
broad wide; large; spacious. [7 definitions]
broadax an ax with a wide blade and a short handle, used as a weapon or for cutting down timber.
broadband pertaining to, emitting, or responsive to a wide range of radio frequencies. [2 definitions]
broad bean a plant of the pea family that bears flat seeds that are used as a vegetable or an animal feed; fava bean.
broadbill any of several birds characterized by a broad bill, such as the shoveler duck. [2 definitions]
broadcast to transmit over television or radio. [9 definitions]
Broad Church of or pertaining to a liberal party in the Anglican Church that advocates a broad interpretation of rituals and traditions. (Cf. High Church, Low Church.)