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bronze medal a medal, usu. made of bronze, given to the third-place contestant, as in a race or other competition.
Bronze Star a U.S. military medal given for heroic or outstanding achievement in ground combat.
brooch a piece of jewelry attached to clothing with a pin or clasp.
brood a group of young birds or other animals hatched or born at the same time to one mother. [7 definitions]
brooder a person, thing, or animal that broods. [2 definitions]
broodmare a mare kept primarily for breeding.
broody tending to brood or worry; moody. [2 definitions]
brook1 a small freshwater stream.
brook2 to tolerate.
brooklet a small brook.
Brooklyn a New York City borough on the western end of Long Island.
brook trout a speckled freshwater trout of eastern North America; speckled trout.
broom a device for sweeping, consisting of a bundle of straw or bristles attached to a long handle. [3 definitions]
broomcorn a cultivated grass variety with stiff-branched flower stalks used in making brooms and brushes.
broomstick the long handle or stick of a broom.
bros. abbreviation of "brothers," two males having one or both parents in common with each other; male siblings.
broth water in which meat, fish, grain, or vegetables have been boiled, often used as a base for soup.
brothel a house where people work as prostitutes.
brother a male having one or both parents in common with another person; male sibling. [4 definitions]
brotherhood the condition or state of being brothers. [4 definitions]
brother-in-law the brother of one's spouse. [3 definitions]