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brought past tense and past participle of bring.
brouhaha spirited noise, discussion, or confusion among many people; commotion; hubbub. [2 definitions]
brow the ridge of bone above the eye, or the hair growing on it; eyebrow. [3 definitions]
browbeat to bully or dominate by means of intimidating words or actions; domineer.
brown the color of soil or coffee; a mixture of red and yellow made darker with black. [6 definitions]
brown-bag to bring (a meal, usu. lunch) to work, school, or the like in, or as in, a brown paper bag. [3 definitions]
brown bear a bear that is mainly brown in color, found in western North America and northern Europe and Asia. Brown bears vary in size from the small Syrian variety to the giant Kodiak bear and include the North American grizzlies. They are found in more parts of the world than any other kind of bear.
brown betty (sometimes cap. Betty) a baked pudding made of apples or other fruits with bread crumbs, raisins, sugar, butter, and spices.
brown bread any bread made with flour that is darker than sifted wheat flour. [2 definitions]
brown coal a soft dark brown coal having the original woody texture; lignite.
Brownian motion the random movement of microscopic particles in a fluid medium, resulting from collision with molecules of the surrounding medium; Brownian movement.
brownie a small, mythical fairy, esp. one who secretly does household work at night. [3 definitions]
brownout a curtailment or reduction of available electrical power in a neighborhood or city.
brown recluse spider a highly poisonous, medium-sized brown spider that has a dark, violin-shaped mark on its body.
brown rice unpolished rice that has kept the yellowish bran layers and germ.
brownshirt (often cap.) a member of the militia in Nazi Germany; storm trooper. [2 definitions]
brownstone a dark reddish brown stone used as a building material. [2 definitions]
brown study a condition of being completely lost in thought or reverie.
brown sugar unrefined or partially refined sugar whose crystals have kept a thin coating of dark syrup.
brown trout a brownish trout with red-spotted sides, native to Europe and widely naturalized in U.S. streams.
browse to graze or feed on. [5 definitions]