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budworm a type of caterpillar that eats the buds of plants.
buenas noches (Spanish) good night.
Buenos Aires the capital of Argentina.
buenos dias (Spanish) good morning; good day.
buff1 a soft, thick yellow leather made from the buffalo hide or the hide of other animals. [8 definitions]
buff2 to lessen the force of; act as a buffer for.
buffalo any of various large mammals with long legs, hooves, and horns native to Africa and Asia. [4 definitions]
buffalo grass a range grass found on the plains east of the Rocky Mountains.
buffer1 a device, such as a bumper, that absorbs the force of a collision. [6 definitions]
buffer2 something used to polish or shine.
buffer state a neutral country located between two potentially hostile countries and regarded as helping to discourage war.
buffet1 to hit or strike against. [4 definitions]
buffet2 a piece of furniture with a flat top and storage shelves or drawers; sideboard. [4 definitions]
bufflehead a small North American duck that has black and white feathers and a bushy head.
buffo a comic role in an opera, usu. one for a bass singer. [2 definitions]
buffoon someone who behaves comically; clown. [2 definitions]
bufotenine a hallucinogenic drug made either synthetically or from the poisonous secretions of toads.
bug any of a large group of insects with sucking mouths and forewings thickened at the base, such as the water bug. [8 definitions]
bugaboo something that causes fear or persistent concern.
bugbane any of various flowering plants related to the buttercup, bearing clusters of white flowers whose smell supposedly repels insects.
bugbear something that causes fear, esp. fear that is exaggerated or without basis.