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bumptious obnoxiously assertive; pushy.
bumpy covered with bumps; uneven. [3 definitions]
bun a loaf of bread small enough for a single serving; roll. [2 definitions]
bunch a collection of attached similar things. [5 definitions]
bunco (informal) an act of fraud or swindling; confidence scheme. [2 definitions]
buncombe variant of bunkum.
Bund a U.S. pro-Nazi association in the 1930s and 1940s. [2 definitions]
bund an embankment, dike, or embanked road along a waterfront, esp. in Asia.
Bundestag the lower house of the federal assembly of Germany, whose members are chosen by popular election.
bundle an assemblage of things that have been tied, bound, or packaged together. [6 definitions]
bundle up to dress in warm clothing, esp. bulky clothing.
bung a cork or other stopper used to close the hole in a barrel or cask. [3 definitions]
bungalow a small, cozy house; cottage.
bungee see bungee cord.
bungee cord a strong elastic cord with hooks on each end, used to strap things down or absorb the shock of a suddenly applied force. Long bungee cords are used in the sport of bungee jumping.
bungee jumping a recreational activity in which a person harnessed to the end of a long, anchored, elasticized rope, or bungee, steps off a height, rapidly drops hundreds of feet in the air, then bounces up and back down, repeatedly, while the movement gradually slows to a stop.
bunghole the hole in a barrel or cask through which it is filled or emptied; bung.
bungle to perform badly or incompetently; botch. [3 definitions]
bungler one who performs badly or incompetently.
bunion a swollen and inflamed area on the foot, esp. on the large toe.
bunk1 a small single bed attached to a wall, as is common on ships. [3 definitions]