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buoyancy the capacity to float or rise up in a liquid or gas. [2 definitions]
buoyant able to float or keep something else afloat. [3 definitions]
buprestid any of various long, flat, brightly colored beetles whose larvae eat woody plants.
bur the spiny seed case of any of various plants such as the burdock or chestnut. [3 definitions]
burble to make a soft bubbling sound or murmur. [3 definitions]
burbot a freshwater fish related to the cod.
burden1 something that is carried, borne, or endured, usu. with some difficulty. [3 definitions]
burden2 the repeated chorus of a song; refrain. [2 definitions]
burden of proof the responsibility, esp. in law, of disproving an allegation or charge, or proving something that has been asserted.
burdensome difficult to bear; trying.
burdock any of various weeds bearing purple flowers and burs.
bureau a chest of drawers, often with a mirror. [3 definitions]
bureaucracy an organized group of hired officials, esp. governmental. [2 definitions]
bureaucrat an official in a government office, esp. one who follows rules and routines rather than personal judgment.
bureaucratize to manage or control (a government or other large organization) using bureaucratic methods, or to introduce such methods in.
Bureau of Labor Statistics a research agency of the U.S. Department of Labor that collects and compiles statistical information, providing such measures as Consumer Price Index, inflation rate, and unemployment rate.
burette a perfectly cylindrical tube with a stopcock near the bottom, used esp. by chemists for measuring out precise amounts of liquid.
-burg city or town; burg.
burg (informal) a town, village, or city.
burgeon to start to grow; send forth shoots, leaves, buds, or the like (often fol. by "out" or "forth"). [2 definitions]
burger a cooked ground beef patty, usu. served as a sandwich; hamburger. [2 definitions]