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bureaucrat an official in a government office, esp. one who follows rules and routines rather than personal judgment.
bureaucratize to manage or control (a government or other large organization) using bureaucratic methods, or to introduce such methods in.
Bureau of Labor Statistics a research agency of the U.S. Department of Labor that collects and compiles statistical information, providing such measures as Consumer Price Index, inflation rate, and unemployment rate.
burette a perfectly cylindrical tube with a stopcock near the bottom, used esp. by chemists for measuring out precise amounts of liquid.
-burg city or town; burg.
burg (informal) a town, village, or city.
burgeon to start to grow; send forth shoots, leaves, buds, or the like (often fol. by "out" or "forth"). [2 definitions]
burger a cooked ground beef patty, usu. served as a sandwich; hamburger. [2 definitions]
burgess a citizen who lives in an English borough.
burgh a town in Scotland that has been incorporated by governmental charter; borough.
burgher someone who lives in a town or city, esp. one who belongs to the middle class.
burglar someone who forces entry into a building in order to commit robbery.
burglarize to break into a building with the intention of committing a crime, esp. stealing.
burglary the act of breaking into a building with the intent of committing a crime, esp. stealing.
burgle (informal) to force entry in order to commit robbery; burglarize.
burgomaster the mayor or chief magistrate in a Dutch, Austrian, German, or Flemish town or city.
Burgundy a region in central France. [3 definitions]
burial the act or process of putting something underground, esp. a dead body.
burial ground a place where ancient or primitive civilizations buried their dead, or a place where many soldiers were buried after a battle.
burin a pointed tool with a round handle, used for engraving metal or carving stone.
burka a long, loose garment that covers the face and body, worn in public by many Muslim women with a space left open for the eyes and typically covered by a mesh screen. [2 definitions]