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bus stop a point along a bus route where the bus will stop to allow passengers to board or exit.
bust1 a sculpture or other representation of the upper portion of the human body from the head to the shoulders or chest. [2 definitions]
bust2 (informal) to break or burst. [10 definitions]
bustard any of several large long-legged birds related to the cranes and often found in open grassy areas of Europe, Asia, and Africa.
bustle1 to move rapidly and energetically (often fol. by "about"). [3 definitions]
bustle2 a cushion or wire frame formerly worn beneath a dress to add fullness in the rear. [2 definitions]
bust up to break up.
busy actively occupied; engaged. [5 definitions]
busybody someone who continually interferes in or inquires about other people's affairs.
but yet; and despite this. [6 definitions]
butadiene a flammable gas used in producing paint and synthetic rubber.
butane a flammable gas used for fuel and for producing synthetic rubber.
butanol see "butyl alcohol."
butch (slang) of a female, having the appearance or behavior usu. associated with masculine gender. [2 definitions]
butcher someone in the business of selling meat. [6 definitions]
butcherbird any of several carnivorous birds such as the shrikes that impale their prey on thorns.
butchery brutal and senseless killing; slaughter. [3 definitions]
but for except for.
butler a man employed in a household as head servant.
butler's pantry a serving area between a dining room and a kitchen, for use by a butler or maid.
butlery the butler's pantry; buttery.