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by water by way of a boat or ship.
byway a little-known or private road. [2 definitions]
by way of by going through or along; via. [2 definitions]
byword a common or proverbial phrase or saying. [2 definitions]
Byzantine of or pertaining to Byzantium, the empire once centered there, or its culture, artifacts, institutions, or the like. [3 definitions]
Byzantine Empire one of two divisions of the Roman Empire that flourished from the fourth century until 1453 in the southern part of the Balkan Peninsula and the western part of Asia Minor; Eastern Roman Empire.
Byzantium an ancient city on the site of modern Istanbul that, under the name Constantinople, was the capital of the Byzantine Empire.
C1 abbreviation of "Celsius," or "Centigrade," of, pertaining to, or designating a temperature scale on which zero degrees is the freezing point and one hundred degrees is the boiling point of water.
C2 symbol of the chemical element carbon.
C3 in Roman numeral notation, 100.
C. abbreviation of "cape," a point of land jutting into a large body of water (used in a proper name).
c2 abbreviation of "velocity of light."
c1 the third letter of the English alphabet. [5 definitions]
c.1 abbreviation of "copyright," the exclusive legal right to make copies of, distribute, or perform all or part of a published or recorded work for a certain extended period of time.
c.2 abbreviation of "circa," about; approximately.
c.3 abbreviation of "cup," or "cups," in the US, a unit of capacity equal to eight fluid ounces, 237 milliliters, or sixteen tablespoons; cupful.
Ca symbol of the chemical element calcium.
CA an abbreviation of "California," a U.S. state on the Pacific coast.
cab1 a taxicab. [3 definitions]
cab2 a Hebrew unit of measure equal to roughly two quarts.
cabal a small group of people engaged in a secret plot, usu. of a political nature. [3 definitions]