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cadet a student in a military academy; person training to be a military officer.
cadge to obtain by begging or otherwise imposing on others. [2 definitions]
cadi a Muslim judge whose decisions are based on Islamic religious law.
Cadmean victory a battle won, but at enormous cost to the victor.
cadmium a chemical element that has forty-eight protons in each nucleus and occurs in various compounds or in pure form as a soft bluish white metal. (symbol: Cd)
cadre in the military, a core group of experienced personnel who can set up and train a new unit. [2 definitions]
caduceus in mythology, the staff carried by Mercury, which was entwined by two snakes and had two wings at the top. [2 definitions]
caecum a variant of cecum.
Caesar the title of the emperors of Rome from Augustus to Hadrian and the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire. [3 definitions]
Caesarean relating to Julius Caesar or the Caesars. [2 definitions]
Caesarean section (sometimes l.c.) a method of delivering an endangered fetus, in which an incision is made through the walls of the mother's abdomen and uterus.
Caesar salad a green salad topped with grated cheese, croutons, and anchovies and a dressing of olive oil, egg, lemon juice, and garlic.
caesium variant of cesium.
caesura a break or hesitation in a line of verse, usu. necessitated by the sense of the words.
café an informal restaurant, coffee shop, or barroom that usually specializes in simple meals, coffees, and desserts.
café au lait hot coffee mixed with an equal amount of hot or scalded milk. [2 definitions]
café curtains short unpleated curtains, esp. for covering the lower half of a window.
café noir black coffee (French); coffee without milk or cream.
cafeteria a dining hall or restaurant in which customers select or are served their food at a counter and carry it on trays to their tables.
cafetorium a room or building that is used both as a cafeteria and an auditorium to save space, money, or both.
caffeine a bitter substance that occurs in coffee, tea, chocolate, and the like and is used as a stimulant or diuretic.