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caffeine a bitter substance that occurs in coffee, tea, chocolate, and the like and is used as a stimulant or diuretic.
caftan a loose, full-length garment with long sleeves and a sash tied at the waist, worn esp. in countries of the Middle East.
cage a boxlike enclosure having some sections covered by wire or bars and used to confine and often to display animals or birds, as at a zoo. [4 definitions]
cagey careful not to be trapped or taken advantage of; wary; shrewd.
cahoots (informal) partnership or collusion of a disreputable sort (prec. by "in").
caiman any of several tropical American reptiles similar to crocodiles or alligators.
Cain according to the Old Testament, the first son of Adam and Eve, who murdered his brother Abel out of jealousy.
ca´que a small single-masted sailing vessel used in the eastern Mediterranean. [2 definitions]
cairn a pile of stones put up as a landmark or monument.
Cairo the capital of Egypt.
caisson a watertight chamber used in constructing or repairing underwater structures. [2 definitions]
caisson disease see aeroembolism.
cajole to coax or persuade insistently, as by flattery or false promises.
Cajun a person of French Acadian descent, now usu. native to Louisiana. [2 definitions]
cake a sweet, baked food made with flour, sugar, and eggs, often in the form of a loaf or round layers. [4 definitions]
cakes and ale the good things in life; material or worldly pleasures.
cakewalk a high-strutting, marchlike dance done in competition for the prize of a cake, awarded to the most intricate or unusual performance. [5 definitions]
Cal. abbreviation of "large calorie," or "large calories," a unit of energy used for measuring energy value of food oxidized in the body, or the amount of food capable of producing such a unit.
cal.2 abbreviation of "small calorie," or "small calories," a unit of heat equal to the amount necessary to raise the temperature of one gram of water one degree Celsius, also known as "gram calorie."
cal.1 abbreviation of "caliber."
calabash any of various hard-shelled gourds, or the vine that bears such a gourd. [2 definitions]