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camouflage a method of concealing something such as a person, vehicle, or building, esp. from an enemy military force, by covering it or coloring it so as to imitate its surroundings. [5 definitions]
camouflageable combined form of camouflage.
camp1 an outdoor place where tents or temporary shelters are set up. [8 definitions]
camp2 the style of something such as clothing, decoration, art, or the like that is considered amusing because of its consciously pretentious showiness or outlandishness. [2 definitions]
campaign a military operation organized to achieve specific objectives. [4 definitions]
campanile a bell tower, esp. a free-standing one near another building such as a church.
campanula any of various bellflower plants that bear bell-shaped, usu. blue flowers.
camp bed (chiefly British) a small portable bed, esp. one that folds up; cot.
camp chair a lightweight folding chair, usu. made of canvas, plastic webbing, or the like.
campcraft the knowledge, techniques, or practice of camping outdoors.
campeachy wood see logwood.
camper a person who stays at a camp or participates in camping. [2 definitions]
campesino (Spanish) a farm worker or peasant.
campfire an outdoor fire used for cooking or warmth, as at a camp or camping site. [2 definitions]
camp fire member a member of the Camp Fire, an organization originally for girls and now also open to boys, founded to promote good values and character and develop practical skills.
camp follower a civilian, esp. a prostitute, who follows an army from place to place in order to sell goods or services to the soldiers. [2 definitions]
campground a natural area established as a place for camping, often with running water and toilets.
camphor a whitish, strong-smelling compound extracted from camphor trees or synthesized, and used in plastics, insect repellents, and medications.
camphorate to treat or impregnate with camphor.
camphor ball a small mass of solid chemicals, including naphthalene or camphor, used to repel moths; mothball.
camphor ice a medicinal ointment composed of wax, camphor, and oil used chiefly to treat minor skin problems.