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cane a wooden or metal stick, usu. with a handle, used for support in walking; walking stick. [7 definitions]
canebrake an area thickly grown with sugar cane, bamboo, or the like.
cane sugar sugar made from the sugar cane.
canid any member of an animal family (Canidae) that includes wolves, coyotes, dogs, foxes, and the like.
canine of, related to, or similar to dogs, foxes, and wolves. [4 definitions]
caning the practice of using a thin, somewhat flexible stick to strike a person as a form of punishment.
Canis Major a winter constellation in the northern sky, located below Monoceros and containing the brightest of all stars, Sirius; Big Dog.
Canis Minor a winter constellation in the northern sky, located between Monoceros and Gemini and containing the bright star Procyon; Little Dog.
canister a small, usu. metal container for dry substances such as flour or coffee. [2 definitions]
canker an ulcerous sore, esp. inside the mouth. [7 definitions]
cankerworm any of several moth larvae that feed on fruit and foliage often destroying fruit and shade trees.
canna any of various broad-leaved tropical plants with large colorful flowers.
cannabis the dried flowering tops of the Indian hemp plant, or the plant itself; marijuana; hashish.
canned sealed within a can or jar. [2 definitions]
cannel a variety of highly volatile, oily coal that burns readily and brightly; cannel coal.
cannel coal see "cannel."
cannelloni (usu. used with a sing. verb) large tubes of pasta which are usu. boiled, stuffed with meat or cheese, and baked in a sauce.
cannery a factory for canning food.
cannibal a person who eats human flesh. [3 definitions]
cannibalize to take apart (a vehicle or other machine) so as to use the parts in other vehicles or machines. [4 definitions]
cannikin a small can or cup.