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capitalization the act or result of capitalizing. [2 definitions]
capitalize to write or print (something) using capital letters or using a capital letter as the initial letter. [4 definitions]
capital letter a letter of the alphabet written or printed larger than and in a somewhat different form from its lower-case equivalent and used to designate a proper noun or initiate a sentence.
capitally especially well; admirably; excellently.
capital punishment punishment, of a crime such as murder, by death.
capital ship one of a class of the largest surface warships.
capital stock the entire amount of stock authorized for issue by a corporation. [2 definitions]
capitation a per capita tax or fee; poll tax.
capitol the building in which a state legislature meets. [3 definitions]
capitulate to surrender or acquiesce.
capitulation the act of surrendering or acquiescing. [3 definitions]
caplet a form of medication that is solid like a tablet and has a coating like a capsule.
capo1 a device that is fastened around the fingerboard of a guitar or similar instrument to uniformly change the key of the strings.
capo2 a leader of an organized crime ring such as the Mafia.
capon a rooster that has been castrated and fattened to improve its palatability.
capote a long cloak, usu. having a hood.
cappuccino espresso coffee mixed with steamed milk and often topped with cinnamon or chocolate and whipped cream.
capriccio a caper or prank. [3 definitions]
capriccioso in a free, lively, whimsical, or capricious manner (used as a musical direction).
caprice a sudden, impulsive change of mind or direction, or an unpredictable action. [3 definitions]
capricious tending to act on impulse; subject to whim or caprice; erratic and unpredictable.