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captivity the condition of being captive; bondage; imprisonment. [2 definitions]
captor one who takes or holds someone or something captive.
capture to seize by overpowering or plotting. [6 definitions]
capuchin a Central or South American monkey with a nearly bare face and a crown of hair that resembles a monk's hood. [3 definitions]
capybara a large tailless South American rodent that lives near water.
car an automobile. [3 definitions]
carabao the water buffalo.
carabineer variant of carbineer.
carabiner a D-shaped coupling link with a safety closure used for fastening ropes in mountaineering.
caracara any of several large, long-legged birds, related to hawks and found from the southern United States to South America, that feed on carrion or live prey.
Caracas the capital of Venezuela.
caracole a horse rider's maneuver of a half turn to either side.
caracul the fur made from a karakul lambskin; broadtail. [2 definitions]
carafe a bottle, often flared at the mouth, for serving water, wine, and the like.
caramel sugar that is heated until it liquefies and turns brown, used to color and flavor foods. [2 definitions]
caramelize to turn or be turned into caramel.
carapace a horny covering or shield on the back of certain animals such as turtles and crustaceans.
carat a unit of weight for gems, equal to two hundred milligrams. [2 definitions]
caravan a band of people traveling together for safety, esp. across a desert. [4 definitions]
caravansary an inn, esp. in the Middle East, with a large courtyard for the animals used as transportation in a caravan. [2 definitions]
caravel a small, light, fast sailing ship used by the Spanish and Portuguese in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, with two or three masts and triangular sails.