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carat a unit of weight for gems, equal to two hundred milligrams. [2 definitions]
caravan a band of people traveling together for safety, esp. across a desert. [4 definitions]
caravansary an inn, esp. in the Middle East, with a large courtyard for the animals used as transportation in a caravan. [2 definitions]
caravel a small, light, fast sailing ship used by the Spanish and Portuguese in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, with two or three masts and triangular sails.
caraway an herb bearing clusters of white flowers and aromatic, spicy seeds used as flavoring. [2 definitions]
carbamazepine an anticonvulsant drug used in the treatment of epilepsy.
carbide a binary compound of carbon and another element, such as calcium or various metals.
carbine a light rifle with a short barrel, formerly carried by cavalry soldiers.
carbineer a soldier armed with a carbine.
carbo- carbon.
carbohydrate any of a class of organic compounds including sugars, starches, and celluloses that are formed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen and that are important in plants and necessary to animal and human nutrition. [2 definitions]
carbolated containing or treated with carbolic acid.
carbolic acid phenol.
carbolize to treat or sterilize with carbolic acid.
carbon a chemical element that has six protons in each nucleus and that occurs in pure forms as diamond and graphite, or in a large variety of compounds such as carbon dioxide, carbohydrates, and petroleum hydrocarbons. (symbol: C) [7 definitions]
carbon 14 a radioactive isotope of carbon that has a half-life of about 5,700 years and whose presence in rock, fossils, and other archaeological specimens enables them to be dated.
carbonaceous of, like, containing, or yielding carbon.
carbonara designating pasta that is covered with a mild cheese sauce made up of eggs, bacon, onion, and parmesan cheese.
carbonate in chemistry, a salt or ester of carbonic acid. [3 definitions]
carbonated of or pertaining to water infused with carbon dioxide gas (used esp. in reference to carbonated beverages).
carbonation infusion of water with carbon dioxide gas.