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carbon monoxide a colorless, odorless, combustible, and very poisonous gas, produced by the incomplete combustion of material containing carbon, such as gasoline, because of insufficient air.
carbon-neutral of or pertaining to a state in which no net carbon dioxide is added to the atmosphere.
carbon paper very thin paper coated on one side with carbon or a dark waxy pigment, that is placed between two sheets of paper and produces a copy on the lower sheet of text that is written or typed on the upper.
carbon tetrachloride a colorless, nonflammable, vaporous, poisonous liquid used as a fire extinguisher, cleaning fluid, and solvent, and in making refrigerants.
carbonyl a metal compound containing a radical of one atom of carbon and one of oxygen, or this radical itself.
carboxyl a chemical group containing one atom of carbon, two of oxygen, and one of hydrogen, present in many organic acids.
carboxylic of or pertaining to a compound that contains a carboxyl group.
carboy a large bottle, usu. made of glass and surrounded by a protective framework of wood or basketry, used esp. to store and carry corrosive fluids.
carbuncle a dark gemstone, esp. a ruby sapphire. [2 definitions]
carburet to combine, mix, or charge with carbons or hydrocarbons, so as to increase the potential fuel energy.
carburetor a device in an internal-combustion engine that produces a combustible mixture of vaporized fuel and air.
carcajou the wolverine.
carcass a dead body, esp. of an animal. [3 definitions]
carcinogen a substance that causes cancer.
carcinogenesis the development of cancerous cells from normal ones.
carcinoid a small tumor that secretes serotonin, found esp. in the gastrointestinal tract or lung.
carcinoma a malignant tumor consisting of epithelial cells; cancer.
car coat an overcoat that reaches to the hip or thigh.
card1 a small piece of thick paper, cardboard, or plastic printed with personal data such as name and address and used as identification. [4 definitions]
card2 a mechanical device used for combing cotton, wool, or the like in order to remove the shortest fibers prior to spinning. [2 definitions]
cardamom the seed of an Asiatic perennial or an East Indian plant, used medicinally and as a spice. [2 definitions]