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carhop one who waits on customers in their cars at a drive-in restaurant.
Carib a member of a group of Indian peoples of the northeast South American coast and the Antilles. [2 definitions]
Caribbean of or pertaining to the islands and countries in the Caribbean Sea, or their peoples, languages, cultures, and the like. [4 definitions]
Caribbean Sea an extension of the Atlantic bordered by the West Indies and Central and South America.
caribe the piranha.
caribou any of several large deer related to reindeer, having branched antlers in both males and females and found in the far northern regions of North America.
caricature a depiction, in a drawing or verbal description, that deliberately exaggerates or distorts some features of the person or thing represented to produce a comic or grotesque appearance. [4 definitions]
caries bone decay, esp. tooth decay.
carillon a musical instrument composed of a stationary set of bells hung in a tower, usu. played from a keyboard that activates hammers. [2 definitions]
carillonneur one who plays the carillon.
carina in biology, a thin ridgelike structure, such as the projecting part of a bird's breastbone.
cariole a small open two-wheeled carriage drawn by one horse. [2 definitions]
carious having caries; decayed, as teeth.
caritas (Latin) love; charity.
Carl Jung a Swiss psychiatrist and psychologist (b.1875--d.1961).
carload the amount of anything that a car, esp. a railroad car, can or does hold. [2 definitions]
carloadings the number of carloads shipped by rail to or from a place in a specified period.
carmagnole a popular song and street dance of the French Revolution. [2 definitions]
carmaker an automobile manufacturing company.
carman one who works on a streetcar; motorman or conductor.
Carmelite a monk or friar of the religious order founded at Mt. Carmel in the twelfth century. [2 definitions]