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carrot a plant cultivated for its edible orange root. [3 definitions]
carrousel variant of carousel.
carry to bear or support while moving; transport. [16 definitions]
carryall1 a covered one-horse carriage with seats for four persons. [2 definitions]
carryall2 a large bag or basket, carried by one person.
carry away to cause an extreme reaction; transport; enrapture.
carrying charge the interest and service charge on the unpaid balance in installment buying. [2 definitions]
carrying-on (informal; usu. pl.) silly, wild, or improper behavior.
carry off to do successfully. [2 definitions]
carry on to persist or persevere. [2 definitions]
carry-on of luggage, small enough to be stored in the passenger cabin of an airplane. [2 definitions]
carry out to bring to completion. [2 definitions]
carry-out of food prepared in a commercial establishment, ready to eat but to be taken off the premises; take-out. [2 definitions]
carry-over that which is carried over or retained; residue; remainder. [2 definitions]
carry weight to have influence, importance, or authority.
carsick suffering from motion sickness during car travel.
Carson City the capital of Nevada.
cart a heavy, two-wheeled, open vehicle drawn by horse, mule, or oxen and used to transport goods. [6 definitions]
cartage the conveyance of goods by cart. [2 definitions]
carte blanche unrestricted authority, freedom, or discretion.
carte du jour (French) menu.