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castaway one who has been shipwrecked. [2 definitions]
caste one of the four hereditary classes into which Hindu society is divided. [4 definitions]
castellated constructed with turrets and battlements like a castle. [2 definitions]
caster someone or something that casts. [3 definitions]
caste system a social structure in which one's class in society is determined by heredity.
castigate to punish or rebuke, as with severe public criticism; chastise.
castigation the act of rebuking, severely criticizing, or punishing, especially in a public forum.
Castile a former kingdom that in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries occupied most of modern Spain. [2 definitions]
Castile soap a fine white hard unscented soap made of olive oil and sodium hydroxide.
Castilian the dialect of Castile, now the standard form of Spanish in Spain. [4 definitions]
casting the act or process of forming a cast or mold. [4 definitions]
casting vote the deciding vote cast by the presiding officer to break a tie, as in a legislative body.
cast iron an alloy of iron, carbon, silicon, and other elements that ranges from hard and brittle to soft and strong depending on its composition.
cast-iron made of cast iron. [2 definitions]
castle a large, fortified residence of nobles in feudal times, sited to dominate the surrounding countryside. [6 definitions]
castle in the air a fanciful wish or scheme; daydream; pipe dream.
castoff discarded or rejected. [2 definitions]
Castor a white triple star, each component of which is a double star, in the constellation Gemini, having a combined magnitude of 2.5.
castor1 an oily, brown, odorous secretion of the groin glands of the beaver, used in medicines and perfumes. [2 definitions]
castor2 a revolving stand for condiment or spice containers, or the containers themselves; caster.
Castor and Pollux in Greek mythology, the twin brothers of Helen, one mortal and the other immortal.