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cerebrum the region of the brain comprising the largest area, acting to coordinate voluntary movement and control conscious mental activity.
cerecloth a fabric coated with wax in order to render it waterproof, formerly used for wrapping the dead before burial. [2 definitions]
cerement (usu. pl.) a cerecloth or other shroud.
ceremonial pertaining to, characterized by, or used in a ceremony. [3 definitions]
ceremonious given to formality or ceremony; formally polite. [2 definitions]
ceremony a set of formalities, customs, or rites performed in order to give honor or validation, or this set of acts taken as an event. [4 definitions]
Ceres in Roman mythology, the goddess of agriculture; Demeter. [2 definitions]
cereus any of various tall cacti growing in tropical North and South America and the western United States.
cerise a bright red color, resembling that of ripe cherries.
cerium a highly reactive chemical element of the rare-earth group that has fifty-eight protons in each nucleus and that occurs naturally only in compounds. (symbol: Ce)
ceroplastic of or concerning modeling in wax. [2 definitions]
certain without doubt; convinced; sure. [8 definitions]
certainly by all means; without question. [3 definitions]
certainty the state of being assured, confident, or positive. [2 definitions]
certificate a document stating or affirming the veracity or factuality of something. [6 definitions]
certificate of deposit a document issued by a savings institution stating that the named person has a specified sum of money on deposit.
certification the act of certifying. [3 definitions]
certified guaranteed; assured. [2 definitions]
certified check a check bearing the issuing bank's guarantee that there is enough money on deposit to cover the check.
certified mail a postal service that, for a fee, guarantees the delivery of first-class uninsured mail by requiring the addressee to sign for it. [2 definitions]
certified public accountant an accountant who has received an official state certificate for having fulfilled the legal requirements of that state.