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ceremony a set of formalities, customs, or rites performed in order to give honor or validation, or this set of acts taken as an event. [4 definitions]
Ceres in Roman mythology, the goddess of agriculture; Demeter. [2 definitions]
cereus any of various tall cacti growing in tropical North and South America and the western United States.
cerise a bright red color, resembling that of ripe cherries.
cerium a highly reactive chemical element of the rare-earth group that has fifty-eight protons in each nucleus and that occurs naturally only in compounds. (symbol: Ce)
ceroplastic of or concerning modeling in wax. [2 definitions]
certain without doubt; convinced; sure. [8 definitions]
certainly by all means; without question. [3 definitions]
certainty the state of being assured, confident, or positive. [2 definitions]
certificate a document stating or affirming the veracity or factuality of something. [6 definitions]
certificate of deposit a document issued by a savings institution stating that the named person has a specified sum of money on deposit.
certification the act of certifying. [3 definitions]
certified guaranteed; assured. [2 definitions]
certified check a check bearing the issuing bank's guarantee that there is enough money on deposit to cover the check.
certified mail a postal service that, for a fee, guarantees the delivery of first-class uninsured mail by requiring the addressee to sign for it. [2 definitions]
certified public accountant an accountant who has received an official state certificate for having fulfilled the legal requirements of that state.
certify to affirm the accuracy or certainty of, esp. in a formal manner; confirm. [5 definitions]
certiorari a writ sent from a higher court to a lower, requesting, for review, the transcript of a case tried in the lower court.
certitude the state, condition, or feeling of freedom from uncertainty or doubt. [2 definitions]
cerulean a sky-blue color; azure.
cerumen a waxy yellow secretion from glands in the outer ear canal; earwax.