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chameleon any of a variety of lizards capable of changing skin color to blend with the environment.
chamfer a flat face or surface formed by cutting off a corner or edge. [2 definitions]
chamois an antelope native to high mountain regions of Europe. [5 definitions]
chamomile an aromatic Old World herb bearing white composite flowers and feathery leaves or any of several other plants resembling it, used esp. in making medicinal teas.
champ1 to bite down on impatiently; grind against with the teeth. [4 definitions]
champ2 (informal) a champion.
champagne a sparkling white wine produced in the Champagne region of France. [2 definitions]
champaign level, open land; a plain. [2 definitions]
champ at the bit to show impatience.
champignon any of various edible mushrooms.
champion one that has taken first place in a competition; winner. [5 definitions]
championship (sometimes pl.) one or more competitions held to determine the champion. [3 definitions]
chance the quality of happening unexpectedly and randomly, without intention or design. [7 definitions]
chance it (informal) to take the risk of some bad thing happening.
chancel the area near a church's altar where the clergy and choir are seated.
chancellery the office or position of chancellor. [3 definitions]
chancellor the head of state in Austria or the Federal Republic of Germany. [4 definitions]
chance-medley a sudden violent quarrel resulting in spontaneous homicide.
chancery in law, a court having jurisdiction over matters not covered by common law; court of equity. [4 definitions]
chancla (Spanish) a type of sandal; flip-flop.
chancre a hard ulcer or sore, esp. the first obvious lesion of syphilis.