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charmless combined form of charm.
charnel a place for depositing human corpses or their bones. [2 definitions]
Charolais any of a breed of white beef cattle often used to crossbreed with other types of cattle.
Charon in Greek and Roman mythology, the ferryman who transported the dead across the river Styx to the underworld. [2 definitions]
charr variant of char2.
charry resembling or covered with charcoal.
chart a display of information in graphic or tabular form. [6 definitions]
charter a document issued by a government or other central authority, permitting the organization of a corporation, branch, or other subordinate body. [7 definitions]
charter member any of an organization's founders or original members.
chartreuse a yellowish green color. [2 definitions]
charwoman a woman employed to perform general cleaning work, usu. in a large building.
chary wary or mindful; cautious. [4 definitions]
chase1 to follow with the goal of overtaking; run after. [9 definitions]
chase2 a frame into which type is set for printing. [2 definitions]
chase3 to make ornamental grooves or indentations in; emboss.
chaser one that chases. [2 definitions]
Chasid see "Hasid."
chasm a deep fissure or cleft in the earth's surface; gorge. [3 definitions]
chassť a swift gliding dance step to the side or front. [2 definitions]
chasseur in the French army, a member of the light infantry or light cavalry, specially trained for rapid maneuvering. [3 definitions]
chassis in a motor vehicle, the frame supporting the body and engine. [4 definitions]