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château a castle or country manor in France, or one built according to a French style. [2 definitions]
châteaubriand an esp. thick and tender center cut of beef tenderloin, usu. served with a sauce.
chatelaine the mistress of a castle or large household. [3 definitions]
chatroom a site on the Internet where two or more computer users can converse in real time by typing messages that appear on all participants' screens instantly.
chattel any article of property not attached to lands or buildings; movable property. [2 definitions]
chattel mortgage a mortgage on personal property, esp. movable property.
chatter to speak rapidly and without important content; jabber. [7 definitions]
chatterbox one who talks excessively.
chatty tending to chat; talkative. [2 definitions]
chauffeur one employed to drive an automobile. [2 definitions]
Chautauqua a lake in southwestern New York, or the village located on this lake. [3 definitions]
chauvinism zealous or excessive patriotism. [2 definitions]
chauvinist one who has a biased belief in the superiority of one's own sex over the other.
chawbacon (slang; often derogatory) an ignorant, uncouth person from a rural area; yokel; bumpkin.
cheap bearing a low price; relatively inexpensive. [8 definitions]
cheapen to cause to become cheap or cheaper. [4 definitions]
cheap-jack one who deals with or sells inferior, shoddy items. [3 definitions]
cheap shot an unnecessarily vicious remark or action against someone who has no ready defense. [2 definitions]
cheapskate (informal) one who is stingy; miser.
cheat to do something dishonest for one's own gain; to practice deceit or fraud. [11 definitions]
check an assessment or search to make sure something is correct or in order. [19 definitions]