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chirr to make a shrill buzzing or trilling sound, as certain insects. [2 definitions]
chirrup to make a short shrill sound, often repeatedly; chirp. [2 definitions]
chisel a metal, wedge-shaped tool with a sharp edge, used for cutting stone, wood, or metal. [4 definitions]
chiseler a person who cheats or swindles. [2 definitions]
chi-square a statistical method that determines to what degree the differences between expected data and data actually derived can be ascribed to chance, rather than to some general cause or principle.
chit1 a written statement of money owed, esp. for food or drink.
chit2 a child, esp. a lively young girl.
chitchat casual or insignificant conversation. [3 definitions]
chitin a substance that is the principle component of the shells of crustaceans and the exoskeletons of arthropods.
chitlins variants of chitterlings.
chiton any of a class of mollusks that live on rocks and have hard shells composed of eight overlapping plates. [2 definitions]
chitterlings the small intestines of a pig, cooked and eaten with a sauce.
chivalric relating to chivalry.
chivalrous having the honorable qualities of courage and loyalty. [3 definitions]
chivalry the practices, principles, and spirit of medieval knighthood. [3 definitions]
chive a small plant whose long, grasslike, onion-flavored leaves are often used as a seasoning.
chlamydia a widespread venereal disease resembling gonorrhea. [2 definitions]
chlor- green. [2 definitions]
chloracne a severe skin disorder resembling acne, resulting from exposure to chlorinated hydrocarbons, such as dioxin.
chloral an oily, colorless liquid, used in making chloral hydrate and DDT. [2 definitions]
chloral hydrate a colorless crystalline compound used mainly as a hypnotic or sedative agent.