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cholinergic releasing, stimulated by, or involving acetylcholine. [2 definitions]
cholinesterase an enzyme found in the heart, brain, and blood that hydrolyzes acetylcholine to acetic acid and choline, to block the transmission of nerve impulses.
chomp to chew or bite on something, usu. heavily, vigorously or noisily (often fol. by "on"). [3 definitions]
chon the smaller monetary unit of South Korea. (Cf. won.)
chondrite a stony meteorite that contains chondrules, formed from materials present in the early solar system .
chondritic of or pertaining to meteorites containing chondrules. [2 definitions]
chondrosarcoma a sarcoma derived from cartilage cells.
chondrule a small round grain found in chondritic meteorites.
choose to select from two or more alternatives. [4 definitions]
choose up (informal) to select players for each side or team, as in a sandlot baseball game.
choosy difficult to please; careful or cautious in choosing; very selective.
chop1 to cut by hitting repeatedly, esp. with an ax or other sharp tool (often fol. by "down" or "off"). [8 definitions]
chop2 to suddenly shift direction; swerve, esp. with the wind.
chop3 (usu. pl.) the jaws, cheeks, or mouth.
chopfallen variant of chapfallen.
chophouse a restaurant that mainly serves chops and steaks.
choplogic specious or hairsplitting reasoning; sophistry.
chop off to cut something with one strong, quick motion so that one part separates from the main part.
chopper a person or thing that chops. [3 definitions]
chopping block a wooden block, section of log, or the like on which firewood is set to be split, or on which the heads and feet of fowls are chopped off. [2 definitions]
choppy of a body of water, full of short, rough waves. [3 definitions]