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choroid the vascular membrane on the eye that contains pigment and lies between the sclera and the retina. [2 definitions]
chortle to give or express with, a snorting chuckle. [2 definitions]
chorus an ensemble of singers. [6 definitions]
chorus girl a young woman who dances and sometimes sings in the chorus of a musical comedy, variety show, or the like.
chose past tense of choose.
chosen past participle of choose. [3 definitions]
Chou the third dynasty in China, about 1122 to 256 B.C.
chow1 (informal) food.
chow2 a stocky, medium-sized dog of Chinese origin that has a thick red or black coat, a blackish tongue, and a tail that curls over the back.
chowchow a relish of pickled vegetables, often in a hot mustard sauce.
chow chow see "chow2."
chowder a thick soup typically containing clams, fish, or corn, with potatoes and onions in a milk or tomato base.
chow mein a Chinese-American dish of stewed bean sprouts, other vegetables, and bits of chicken, seafood, or meat, poured over fried noodles.
chrism a consecrated oil mixed with balsam and used by some churches in certain rites, such as baptism. [2 definitions]
Christ in the New Testament, the designation of the Old Testament "Messiah". [2 definitions]
christen to baptize, sometimes simultaneously giving a formal name to. [3 definitions]
Christendom the parts of the world where Christianity is the most common religion. [2 definitions]
christening the sacrament of baptism, usu. involving the formal naming of a child. [2 definitions]
Christian of, concerning, or derived from the person, actions, or teachings of Jesus Christ, or the religion based on these teachings. [5 definitions]
Christian Era in Christianity, the era beginning at the birth of Jesus Christ, about 1 A.D.
Christianity the Christian religion, including its many sects. [4 definitions]