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chronic tending to a certain behavior or illness for a long time or continually. [3 definitions]
chronicle an account of events arranged according to the order in which those events took place. [2 definitions]
chrono- time.
chronograph any of various instruments, such as a stopwatch, that precisely record the durations of short periods of time.
chronological according to the sequence in which things happen. [2 definitions]
chronology the order of events in time. [3 definitions]
chronometer a clock or other timepiece designed to keep time with exceptional precision.
chronometry the scientific measuring of time.
chrysalid the pupa of a moth or butterfly; chrysalis. [2 definitions]
chrysalis a hard shell or cocoon encasing a moth or butterfly in the pupal stage; pupa.
chrysanthemum any of various perennial plants cultivated for their attractive autumnal blooms. [2 definitions]
chryselephantine made of or overlaid with gold and ivory, as certain decorative objects and statues in ancient Greece.
chrysolite a usu. magnesium-rich form of olivine, used as a gemstone.
chrysoprase a greenish form of chalcedony, sometimes used as a semiprecious stone.
chrysotile a fibrous variety of serpentine, from which commercial asbestos is obtained.
chthonic of, pertaining, or characteristic of the underworld.
chub any of various thick-bodied freshwater fish common to Europe. [3 definitions]
chubby plump and round.
chuck1 to playfully or affectionately touch or pat, esp. under the chin. [6 definitions]
chuck2 a cut or section of beef taken from the area between the neck and shoulder blades. [2 definitions]
chuck3 to cluck. [2 definitions]