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circuitry the plan or design of the elements in an electric circuit. [2 definitions]
circular having the shape of a circle; round. [5 definitions]
circular file (informal) a wastebasket.
circularize to send circulars to, or to advertise with circulars. [3 definitions]
circular saw a power saw featuring a disk-shaped blade that is rotated at high speed. [2 definitions]
circulate to move or flow continuously along a closed path or system. [4 definitions]
circulating library see "lending library." [2 definitions]
circulation motion in a circle or along a circuit. [4 definitions]
circulatory of or pertaining to circulation. [2 definitions]
circulatory system a system in the body made up of the heart, blood vessels, blood, and lymph vessels that carries blood and lymph around the body.
circum- about; around.
circumambient being or reaching all around; surrounding.
circumcenter in geometry, the center of a circumscribed circle, which is a circle is that touches all the vertices of a polygon.
circumcise to remove the foreskin from the sex organ of (a male) or the clitoris or labia from the sex organ of (a female).
circumcision the act or ceremony of circumcising or, the fact of being circumcised.
circumference the outer boundary of a circle or other curvilinear figure or area; perimeter. [2 definitions]
circumflex one of several diacritic marks, especially ( ˆ ), placed over a vowel to indicate a certain sound or quality. [3 definitions]
circumfluent flowing all around.
circumfuse to spread (something such as a fluid) around a wide area. [2 definitions]
circumlocution the use of roundabout, indirect, or evasive language in speech or writing. [2 definitions]
circumlunar revolving around or surrounding the moon.