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circumnavigate to go entirely around, esp. by sailing.
circumpolar moving around or close to one of the poles of the earth or of the celestial sphere.
circumscribe to draw a line around. [3 definitions]
circumsolar revolving around or surrounding the sun.
circumspect characterized by prudent consideration of circumstances or consequences; discreet; cautious.
circumstance an occurrence or fact associated with or having an impact on an event or situation. [6 definitions]
circumstantial of, pertaining to, or depending on circumstances. [2 definitions]
circumstantial evidence facts that are not direct evidence of an action, but that, in a court of law, may support an inference about that action; indirect evidence.
circumstantiate to supply circumstances or particulars as evidence, proof, or description of.
circumterrestrial revolving around or surrounding the earth.
circumvallate encircled by or as by a wall, rampart, or trench. [2 definitions]
circumvent to manage to avoid or evade, esp. by clever maneuvering. [2 definitions]
circus a traveling show that usually includes performances by acrobats and clowns, and sometimes trained animals. [3 definitions]
ciré a smooth shiny finish, as on a fabric, produced by treatment with wax and heat. [2 definitions]
cirque a circular basin or hollow in an upper end of a mountain valley sometimes containing a pond.
cirrhosis a chronic, often fatal, disease of the liver in which excessive tissue is formed resulting in blockage of circulation.
cirro- cirrus.
cirrocumulus a high-altitude cloud formed of many small, thin, rounded cloudlets, often arranged in rows or regular series.
cirrostratus a thin, hazy, high-altitude cloud, which usu. covers the entire sky.
cirrus a high-altitude cloud usu. appearing in the form of filaments or threads. [3 definitions]
cis- on this side of.