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citizenry citizens collectively, considered as an entity.
citizen's arrest a legal arrest by a citizen, rather than an officer of the law, as permitted by common or written law.
citizens band a series of short wave frequencies set aside by the federal government for private use; CB.
citizenship the state of being a citizen. [2 definitions]
citrate in chemistry, a salt or ester of citric acid.
citric of or derived from citrus fruits.
citric acid an acid derived from the juice of the lime, lemon, or pineapple or from the fermentation of sugars, often used as a flavoring.
citriculture the cultivation of citrus fruits.
citrine a lemon yellow color. [2 definitions]
citron a large pale yellow citrus fruit, or the tree that bears it. [3 definitions]
citronella a bluish green grass of southern Asia from which a fragrant oil is obtained. [2 definitions]
citrus any of various trees and shrubs cultivated in warm climates for their thick-skinned, juicy fruit, such as the orange, lemon, and grapefruit. [4 definitions]
citrusy like citrus, esp. like the citrus fruits lemon, lime,or orange.
cittern a sixteenth-century instrument of the guitar family, having a flat-backed, pear-shaped body and wire strings.
city a large and significant town, usu. a locally governed commercial and population center. [2 definitions]
city chicken see "mock chicken."
city council the elected governing body of a city, whose functions include enacting city laws or ordinances, imposing taxes, and appropriating funds.
city father an important male city official, such as a mayor or councilman.
city hall the building that houses the offices of city officials. [2 definitions]
city manager a person appointed by a city council to oversee and direct the affairs of the city.
city planner one whose profession is city planning.