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clairvoyance the supposed supernatural ability to perceive events that have not yet occurred or things not directly available to the five senses. [2 definitions]
clairvoyant possessing the ability to see or know things that are beyond the five senses. [2 definitions]
clam any of various saltwater and freshwater mollusks, esp. those species that are edible. [4 definitions]
clambake a seaside picnic or party at which clams and various other foods are cooked, usu. by placing on heated rocks covered with a layer of seaweed. [2 definitions]
clamber to climb awkwardly or with difficulty, using both hands and feet. [2 definitions]
clammy unpleasantly moist, cool, and sticky. [2 definitions]
clamor a loud or sustained uproar or din, esp. of voices. [6 definitions]
clamorous loud or noisy. [2 definitions]
clamour (chiefly British) variant of clamor.
clamp a device used to fasten, support, or compress two or more objects or pieces. [4 definitions]
clamp down (informal) to establish or increase controls or penalties with respect to criminal or disapproved of behaviors. [2 definitions]
clampdown a strict imposition of authority, rules, limitations, or the like; prohibition or suppression.
clams casino a dish in which clams, combined with a dressing flavored with garlic and bacon, are broiled on the half shell.
clamshell the shell of a clam. [2 definitions]
clam up (informal) to stop talking or refuse to speak.
clan among the Scottish Highlanders, a traditional basis of social organization, composed of a group of families claiming a common hereditary ancestor. [3 definitions]
clandestine planned or occurring in a secret or surreptitious manner, esp. for subversive or illicit purposes.
clang to emit a clear, resonant sound or ring, such as that made when two heavy metal objects are struck together. [3 definitions]
clangor a clear, resonant sound or ring; clang. [3 definitions]
clank a short, metallic sound that does not resonate. [4 definitions]
clannish tending to associate closely with persons similar to oneself, to the exclusion of others. [2 definitions]