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claw hammer a hammer with the back side of the head curved and split in two to resemble a pair of claws, used to pry out nails.
clay earth that consists mainly of hydrated silicates of aluminum, and is used for making bricks, pottery, and tiles. [3 definitions]
claymore a double-edged broadsword formerly used by Scottish Highlanders.
claymore mine a mine, planted in the ground, that is designed to explode in a fanlike array of fragments in the path of an enemy force.
clay pigeon a clay disk used as a target in trapshooting.
clean not dirty or stained; unsoiled. [12 definitions]
cleanable combined form of clean.
clean and jerk a weightlifting movement in which the barbell is lifted from the floor and, in one continuous movement, raised over the head with the arms fully extended upward.
clean bill of health (informal) an affirmation of satisfactory condition, qualification, or the like.
clean-cut having a neat, regular, well-defined shape or outline. [2 definitions]
cleaner someone or something that cleans. [2 definitions]
clean-handed free of responsibility or guilt; blameless.
clean house to force out all undesired people or things.
cleaning clothing or other articles taken to a dry-cleaning establishment.
cleanliness the condition of being clean, or not dirty; the habit of always keeping clean.
cleanly always personally clean. [2 definitions]
clean out (informal) to rid (someone) of money. [2 definitions]
clean room an enclosed space kept as free as possible of any contaminants such as dust or germs, as for the production of highly sensitive precision parts.
cleanse to make clean; remove dirt from. [2 definitions]
cleanser a liquid or powdered substance used for cleaning, esp. pots, household appliances, and surfaces.
clean-shaven hairless or without facial hair, as from recent shaving.