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cleanser a liquid or powdered substance used for cleaning, esp. pots, household appliances, and surfaces.
clean-shaven hairless or without facial hair, as from recent shaving.
clean slate an honorable record. [2 definitions]
cleanup a process of making thoroughly clean, socially acceptable, or free from imperfection.
clean up to wash or clean (something). [4 definitions]
clean up one's act (informal) to improve one's performance or behavior.
clear free of clouds or haze. [22 definitions]
clearable combined form of clear.
clearance the space between things that prevents a collision. [4 definitions]
clearance sale a sale of retail merchandise designed to dispose of inventory, as of seasonal stock, usu. at reduced prices.
clear away to get away; escape.
clear-cut easily perceived; obvious; evident. [5 definitions]
clear-eyed having bright eyes or sharp sight. [2 definitions]
clearheaded possessing an alert, perceptive, wide-awake mind.
clearing an open plot of land, as in the middle of a forest.
clearinghouse a central place where materials or information are collected or maintained, esp. for distribution. [2 definitions]
clearly in a clear manner. [2 definitions]
clearness the quality or state of being clear, plain, or distinct.
clear off to get away; escape.
clear out to remove persons or things from. [2 definitions]
clearsighted having clear vision. [2 definitions]