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clever mentally sharp and adept. [4 definitions]
clevis a U-shaped piece of metal attached to a rod or chain, with a hole for a pin or bolt, and used to attach one object to another in order to pull it.
clew ball of thread or yarn. [7 definitions]
clew up in nautical terminology, to haul (a sail) up by ropes running through the clews.
cliché an expression used so often that it has become worn out and trite. [3 definitions]
clichéd having many clichés. [2 definitions]
click a slight, sharp sound. [8 definitions]
clickable combined form of click.
click beetle any of several related beetles that are able to spring into an upright position from being on their backs, and that make a clicking sound when so springing.
client one who pays for the services of another, esp. those of a lawyer or other professional. [3 definitions]
clientele the group of clients or customers served by a professional person or business.
clientless combined form of client.
cliff a high, steep or overhanging surface of rock or earth.
cliff dweller a member of a prehistoric race of American Indians who lived in the shallow caves and recesses of cliffs of the southwestern United States. [2 definitions]
cliff-hanger a closely contested game or event, whose outcome is in doubt until the very end. [2 definitions]
cliff swallow a North American swallow that nests on the faces of cliffs or under the eaves of buildings.
climacteric in physiology, a period in life of changing or decreasing physical capacities, such as menopause. [3 definitions]
climactic pertaining to, reaching, or being a climax.
climate the weather conditions most prevailing in a place, averaged over several years. [3 definitions]
climate change any significant change in Earth's climate capable of causing cataclysmic events such as the mass extinction of species. [2 definitions]
climate-controlled having or providing artificial control of temperature and humidity.