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cochairperson combined form of chairperson.
cochairwoman combined form of chairwoman.
cochampion combined form of champion.
cochin one of a large Asiatic breed of domestic fowl with thickly feathered legs.
cochineal a bright red dye made from the bodies of female scale insects.
cochineal insect any of a family of tropical insects that feeds on certain cactuses, esp. in Mexico, the female of which is the source of a brilliant red dye.
cochlea a spiral tube in the inner ear of most mammals, containing the endings of nerves that register sound in the brain.
cochleate shaped or twisted in a spiral, like a snail shell.
cock1 the adult male of a chicken or other fowl; rooster. [8 definitions]
cock2 to tilt to one side or turn up, esp. jauntily, alertly, or expectantly. [2 definitions]
cock3 a cone-shaped stack of hay, straw, or the like. [2 definitions]
cockade a rosette or knot of ribbon worn esp. on a hat as a badge of rank, office, or the like.
cock-a-doodle-doo a representation or imitation of the cry of a rooster.
cockalorum a small self-important or boastful man. [2 definitions]
cockamamie (slang) ridiculous; pointless; valueless.
cock-and-bull story an improbable, absurd, or unlikely story.
cockateel a small parrot with a gray body and a prominent, sometimes yellow crest, often kept as a pet.
cockatoo any of various crested, mostly white parrots of Australia and other parts of the South Pacific.
cockboat a small rowboat, esp. a ship's tender.
cockchafer any of several large European scarab beetles that are esp. destructive of forest trees.
cockcrow the time when roosters begin to crow; dawn or daybreak.