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code word a politically acceptable word or phrase that conveys a hidden meaning or disguises the truth by indirection; euphemism.
codex a handwritten book, esp. of classical, medieval, or religious texts.
codfish a cod.
codger (informal) an eccentric or cranky man, usu. old.
codicil an addition or appendix, esp. one modifying the terms of a will.
codify to classify and organize, esp. into a legal code.
codirect combined form of direct.
codirection combined form of direction.
codirector combined form of director.
codiscover combined form of discover.
codiscoverer combined form of discoverer.
codling1 a small apple that is not ripe.
codling2 a young cod.
codling moth a small moth, found nearly worldwide, whose larvae feed on apples, pears, and the like.
cod-liver oil a pale yellow oil obtained from the liver of cod and related fish, often taken as a source of vitamins A and D.
codon in biology, a triplet of nucleotides in the messenger RNA, which specifies amino acids in the synthesis of protein molecules.
codrive combined form of drive.
codriver combined form of driver.
coed (informal) a woman attending a school, esp. a college, that admits both sexes. [2 definitions]
coedit combined form of edit.
coeditor combined form of editor.