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codfish a cod.
codger (informal) an eccentric or cranky man, usu. old.
codicil an addition or appendix, esp. one modifying the terms of a will.
codify to classify and organize, esp. into a legal code.
codirect combined form of direct.
codirection combined form of direction.
codirector combined form of director.
codiscover combined form of discover.
codiscoverer combined form of discoverer.
codling1 a small apple that is not ripe.
codling2 a young cod.
codling moth a small moth, found nearly worldwide, whose larvae feed on apples, pears, and the like.
cod-liver oil a pale yellow oil obtained from the liver of cod and related fish, often taken as a source of vitamins A and D.
codon in biology, a triplet of nucleotides in the messenger RNA, which specifies amino acids in the synthesis of protein molecules.
codpiece a pouch or flap attached to the front of men's tight-fitting breeches or hose that concealed the crotch. Codpieces were typically used in the fifteen and sixteenth centuries in Europe.
codrive combined form of drive.
codriver combined form of driver.
coed (informal) a woman attending a school, esp. a college, that admits both sexes. [2 definitions]
coedit combined form of edit.
coeditor combined form of editor.
coeducation the schooling of males and females at the same institution and in the same classes.