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coherence the quality or condition or having a clear, logical structure or of being understandable. [2 definitions]
coherent lumping, holding, or sticking together. [2 definitions]
cohesion the act, process, or state of cohering.
cohesionless combined form of cohesion.
cohesive sticking together; closely united; cohering. [2 definitions]
coho a small ocean salmon, now often introduced into fresh water as a game fish; coho salmon; silver salmon.
coholder combined form of holder.
cohort (often derogatory) a friend or associate. [3 definitions]
cohosh a common name for several unrelated plants, including Cimicifuga racemosa (black cohosh) of the buttercup family and Caulophyllum thalictroides (blue cohosh) of the barberry family, both used medicinally.
cohostess combined form of hostess.
coif any of a variety of close-fitting caps, such as those worn by nuns under their veils. [4 definitions]
coiffeur (French) a man who styles hair.
coiffure any styling or arrangement of the hair; hairdo. [2 definitions]
coign of vantage an especially good position for observation or action.
coil1 to wind into loops or a spiral. [8 definitions]
coil2 a tumult, confusion, or disturbance.
coin a small, flat, and often circular piece of metal used as money. [5 definitions]
coinage the act, process, or authority of making coins. [4 definitions]
coincide to be in the same place or occur at the same time. [2 definitions]
coincidence the chance occurrence of two events at the same time, or any other such correspondence of things.
coincident of events, occurring simultaneously. [3 definitions]